El Colegio Los Delfines (Dolphins School) is located in Paquita on 15 acres of land. The school intends to satisfy the need of the Aguirre and Parrita areas for an educational center where study is combined with sports and recreation

Our principal goal is to develop an individual with an integral education, a healthy mind in a healthy body. We firmly believe that educational centers should provide the students with the necessary tools and the infrastructure to make their studies an agreeable experience.

When we realize that our children spend most of their time in their learning center, we should also realize that it is our responsibility and obligation to build spacious classrooms, green areas, sports fields and recreation areas. By doing so, the students will feel more comfortable, and be happier in their school.

The 15 acres which the school possesses are meant to include the infrastructure where the student will enjoy his surroundings and will simultaneously make as much progress academically, as physically and emotionally. We invite you to become a part of this new project and offer a different educational alternative to your children.